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Even Skinny Girls Are Called Fat - Lydia’s Story.




"We all have our hang-ups but what’s amazing is that, probably, 89.99% of them are all in our head. And if you’re anything like us, most of the time we can recall WHEN that self-doubt started to creep up in our lives (teenage years, anyone?). Meet Lydia Donaldson from California, Shapermint customer and one of the smartest, most confident and gorgeous women we’ve ever met. She can tell EXACTLY when she started thinking she was fat. Yes, that’s her in the thumbnail. Yes, she’s always been basically the same size. And yes, she was STILL called fat during her teenage years. Check out her story -and how she deals with her self-doubts and hang-ups today- in the video below. Or, scroll over to the Video Transcript below if you’re feeling too lazy to click play